About Us

The most important thing is to define your goals

Our Mission

Data Science and Analytics

Custom utilities, tools, and services that perform descriptive and predictive analysis on business data providing strategic insight for making decisions that are based on multi-criteria profiles

Web Design and Development

Design and development of Web-based and mobile applications on a variety of platforms

Product Design and Development

Design and development of product frameworks, service components, and plug-ins that allow for a streamlined implementation of product software

Service Categories

Starlight Solutions was formed in 2009 by a small group of dedicated independent I.T. professionals who are experienced in software development, networking, web portal development, computer hardware and telecommunications. We have the software development services to meet your business needs and accomplish your goals in the most cost-effective way

Our software development services include product vision and scope determination, strategic planning, design and development, on-going support and enhancements, and user training and documentation. We can develop Windows and Web-based software products and services that are stand-alone systems or integrate with or enhance your existing software systems

Through our proven Solution Framework Process (SFP) called Evolution, we employ and adhere to a product-line approach to building software products and solutions. A software product line consists of a product-line architecture along with a set of shared, reusable components. All products that are constructed as part of the product-line are based on the product-line architecture and shared components. This approach offers our clients a number of measurable benefits including high quality of work, reduced development and maintenance cost, and improved time-to-market

Software Evolution

We are focused on Microsoft .Net Technologies and are committed to working with clients' resources, culture, and capabilities in producing robust and scalable software solutions for their information technology infrastructure. We believe that by offering cost-effective outsourcing solutions to help meet changing business demands, businesses can sustain growth and help protect existing and future technology investments

Intelligent Innovation


With a clearly defined plan, your software solution can be envisioned


An iterative development process is employed to implement your software solution


Through careful refinement, your solution evolves into a finished product