Our Software Services

Data Science and Analytics

Custom utilities, tools, and services that perform descriptive and predictive analysis on business data providing strategic insight for making decisions that are based on multi-criteria profiles

Product Design and Development

Design, development, and management of product frameworks, service components, and plug-ins that allow for a streamlined implementation of product software

Web Design and Development

Design and development of Web-based and mobile applications on a variety of platforms

Aspen Upgrade and Configuration

Involves the execution of a proven, standardized upgrade procedures that offers plants a quick turn around as well as integrity checks to ensure that the upgrade to the next version of Aspen Manufacturing Suite is successful

Aspen Installation and Configuration

Deals exclusively with the new installation and configuration of Aspen Manufacturing Suite at a given plant

AspenTech Support Services for Chemical Manufacturing Plants

Our Aspen support services provides chemical manufacturing plants with an integrated set of services that ensures that each plant can properly address any issues that can occur during the day-to-day use of the AspenTech Manufacturing Suite and related tools. To achieve this goal, our support services for Aspen cover the following key areas:

Our Support Services

Aspen Monitoring and Technical Issue Resolution

Provides plants with automated monitoring of their IP.21, Batch.21, and Extractor as well as on-demand assistance to technical issues that might arise in the day-to-day use of Aspen Manufacturing Suite and related tools

Aspen Enhancement (through custom solutions)

Provides plants with design and development services geared towards the enhancement of the Aspen Manufacturing Suite through custom solutions that integrate with Aspen based on plant’s specific business needs

Aspen Support Knowledgebase and Script Library

Provides authorized access to our custom ASP.Net Web portal that contains resolutions and scripting solutions to common issues that have faced many plants that utilize Aspen. This proprietary tool has, over time, made supporting the plants more efficient with regard to the timeliness of the response to a critical plant issue and has provided the support team with a tool to better identify and resolve common problems that might occur

Aspen Tag Loads and Updates

Provides plants with expertise in adding and updating IP.21 tags, leveraging pre-written SQL Plus scripts to modify IP.21 records, and performing bulk tag loads into the IP.21 database using Excel tag load template and custom SQL Plus script processing